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  • Hi, I'm Roger, the owner and photographer. Thank you for visiting.

    We are known for family portraits and family photojournalism. We love kids, from brand new newborns to centenarians and we photograph with extraordinary patience. We believe that life is an adventure and that a trip to the park is truly an awesome adventure for an 18 month old. We look forward to a family portrait adventure with you. (more about us)

A very special photograph

31 originalA special note from a very special client, thank you client S for your delightful note.

Hi Roger,
I hope you are well and having a nice summer. I wanted to reach out because I have been thinking about you. Jeff’s grandfather passed away last week at age 87, he lived an amazing life, and in preparation for the funeral I printed a bunch of photos which we used for the boards in the funeral home. I wanted to thank you once again for taking and capturing such amazing images of he and his wife, Jeff’s grandmother Becky, when we were at the Botanical Gardens a few years ago. My favorites include the one of Pa sitting on the bench with E running by him and the ones of Pa and Grandma with their arms around each other. The photos reminded us of happy times and were very meaningful to us.

So thank you!
I wish you all the best.

M & V


Whenever M&V are in town we have a portrait and this is the third year for what has become an annual visit and candid portrait session.  We usually start in their favorite spot, on the sofa, next to the window.  There were plenty of fun and candid photographs of these two from 2015 and this is one of my absolute favorites.

The Year In Candid B&W Portraits – Chicago Beach Family Photography

Happy Holidays! It’s been a great year for portraits and I am grateful to have worked with a lot of energetic and beautiful people.  No family portrait is complete without at least some B&W candid and spontaneous photos to finish the story.  I do these at the same time and in between the color photos.  The B&W and color together tell a family story in all of its splendor and detail. These 12 photos were chosen, one from each of the 12 months, to include some of my favorite candid photos from this year.  I have been fortunate to work with so many adventurous kids and fun families to create these photos.  Several are photographers themselves and many are former wedding and portrait clients. 


Urban Beach – Chicago family beach photography

North Ave. beach is a huge gathering spot in the summer and has everything from music fests to volleyball tournaments, water skiing and one of the best views of the Chicago skyline.  On a warmish late afternoon in September I met the A family to create family portraits with them but what they loved the most were the fun and candid pics.  Together we created a story of their time at their favorite beach.   Share this post if you love fun candids at the beach.

Artisan Portrait – Chicago family portrait

I never do sneak previews but this is an exciting and special exception for the new Artisan portrait series. The first one is of my painter friends Stephanie and Errol. Errol just had a one man show, acquired an agent and is being represented by galleries. Stephanie and Errol exhibit regularly at the Palette and Chisel. Stephanie does still life paintings and wonderfully natural outdoor themes. — with Stephanie Weidner and Errol Jacobson.


Measuring for canvas – chicago family photography

fbPart of the process and service we provide is the First Viewing.  Our clients come in to the studio for the first viewing of their portrait.  We collaborate in HD on the photos and their presentation until they are perfect.  Our client Mrs N pulled a Macbook Air out of her purse and showed a snapshot she had done at her house where she wanted to hang a canvas.  It was on the second floor landing, looking towards the stairs that go down.  That wall next to the stairs was where she envisioned a family portrait.  Mrs N had measured the width of the wall and it was 60 inches.  Someone looking at the wall could be anywhere between 3 and 15 feet from it.

What size canvas would look best on that wall?  The first answer to that question is “any size that looks good to you”.  Everyone has tastes and preferences when it comes to art, and those ideas come first, we create portraits that fit your style.   We have any canvas size  up to 40″ x 60″.  The final canvas size chosen for an image depends on that photograph and where it will be viewed.  Whether it is color, BW, square, panorama, all these are taken in to account.  We decided a 30×40 Galerie Canvas would work best for her.    It was not so big it would dominate the room and leave only a couple of inches on either side for the wall.  Neither was it so small that the blank wall space made it look even smaller.  It was just the right size.

Chicago Botanic Garden Day – Glencoe Family photography

Hey everyone some times are still available for this once a year garden portrait experience. Chicago Botanic Garden Portrait Day is June 21. Come out to the beautiful Chicago Botanic Garden for a family portrait surrounded by roses, flowers and intricate gardens. We are excited to work in an amazing outdoor studio again this year. It’s a huge garden with several stunning locations and backgrounds to choose from. Call 773-227-3680 for more information.